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Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm a Graphic Designer and Creative Director living in Los Angeles, California. I specialize in branding and design in the fashion and music industries. 

I grew up in North Carolina, and from a young age, I've been obsessed with making things. In school, the blank lines in my notepad always looked more like sketchbook paper to me. I was always enthralled with the act of putting pen to paper and creating something that did not exist before.

In college, I discovered the power and finesse of new media and computer animation. I fell in love with graphic design as a compelling means of wordless storytelling. After graduating and working as a touring musician, I took my first job as an animator. Soon after, I started my own business and began to explore my capacity as an entrepreneur as well as an artist. Since then, I've been fortunate to work with many great clients and creatives.

I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to peruse a selection of my work, download my resume, or direct message me to start a conversation!

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