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Roam the Halls // Lookbook

Some outside the box marketing collateral for a Los Angeles-based high-end streetwear company called "Roam The Halls". We decides to try something different with this "Teen Magazine" inspired lookbook. I creative directed, shot the pictures, designed the clothes, and designed the magazine.

Roam The Halls_Lookbook-2021_02_Page_01.png
Roam The Halls_Lookbook-2021_02_Page_02.png
Roam The Halls_Lookbook-2021_02_Page_03.png
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Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 3.42.43 PM.png
Roam The Halls_Lookbook-2021_02_Page_06.png
Roam The Halls_Lookbook-2021_02_Page_07.png
Roam The Halls_Lookbook-2021_02_Page_08.png
Roam The Halls_Lookbook-2021_02_Page_09.png
Roam The Halls_Lookbook-2021_02_Page_10.png
Roam The Halls_Lookbook-2021_02_Page_11.png
Roam The Halls_Lookbook-2021_02_Page_12.png

Physical copy of "ROAM, Volume 1"

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